Mezinárodní divadelní ústav


International Theatre Institute

Mezinárodní divadelní ústav

L‘Institut International du Théâtre


Czech ITI Centre

The aim of the Czech ITI Centre is an open platform of Czech professional theatre makers represented by existing professional organizations, representatives of theatre and dance education institutions and individual members. 

The mission of the Czech ITI Centre is to stimulate dialogue about key topics of Czech theatre culture, represent its common interests and provide a platform for sharing of information of essential importance for the field of performing arts. 

The Czech ITI Centre is an umbrella organization of the following professional organizations acting in the field of performing arts:

  • Actors’ Association
  • Association of Dance Artists Czech Republic
  • Association of Independent Theatres
  • Association of Professional Theatres
  • Association of Theatre Educators
  • Cirqueon
  • Czech AICT Centre 
  • Czech ASSITEJ Centre
  • Czech OISTAT Centre
  • Czech UNIMA Centre
  • Czech SIBMAS Centre
  • Musical Theatre Society
  • Nová síť / New Web Association
  • Theatre Faculty – Academy of Performing Arts, Prague
  • Theatre Faculty – Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, Brno 
  • Vize tance
  • Individual members

The Czech ITI Centre is administred by the Arts and Theatre Institute.

History of the Czech ITI Centre 

The Czechoslovak National Centre was the member of this organisation since it was founded in 1948. After the emergence of an independent Czech Republic, the Czech centre was registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 7th October 1993 under registration number 7402.

In 1990 the existing board of the Czechoslovak centre adopted the motion to create two relatively independent sections, one Czech and one Slovak, which would both have equal representation in the Czechoslovak centre’s board.

Then in March 1991 at the General Assembly of the Czech board held at the Theatre Institute, a new board of the Czech centre was elected, made up of: Eva Herrmannová (music and drama theatre), Vladimír Vašut (dance theatre), Milan Klíma (education of young dramatists), Helena Albertová (dramatic work), Petr Osolsobě (publications and communications), Jan Burian and Ivo Krobot (drama) and Johana Kudláčková (new theatre). The following representatives were nominated to sit on the federal board: E. Herrmannová, J. Kudláčková and J. Burian, and named as the Chair of the centre the then Director of the Theatre Institute in Prague (and of the seat of the Secretariat of the centre) H. Albertová. A federal board was gradually set up that as well as Czech contained three Slovak representatives (communication committee – Oleg Dlouhý, education of young dramatic artists – doc. S. Šimková, and the music committee – Juraj Beneš), and H. Albertová was elected Chair of the Czechoslovak centre. This board in this structure continued to function until 1993, that is, until the dissolution of the federal republic.

After the federation was divided and an independent Czech Republic emerged, the existing Czech board began to function as the full fledged, independent body of the newly emerged Czech centre and remained operating on that basis and in the same structure (but without the participation of M. Klíma and P. Osolsobě) until the next General Assembly in May 2001.